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Orua "Tudo Posso"

  • Lost In A Sea of Sound
    When massive land masses like Pangaea split, new continents are formed. Enormous islands drifting off in their own directions. What was once part of the same base begins to develop separately from one another. Orua has followed this path. The Brazilian based trio of Le Almeida, Joćo Luiz and Phill Fernandes has traversed a beautiful aural pathway. These sounds have a feel of familiarity, anchors across time and genres, now blossoming with new psychedelic sonic arrays. Guitar, bass and drums seems to be the basic components of this group working tightly together, but these are only the roots of something fully mature. Saxophone by guest musicians on all but one track, a choir of talent is noted in the credits as well as additional guitar by more guests. Squeezed by the decades and caught between multiple genres, Tudo Posso oozes mind bending notes. A cool and chilled out affair almost all of the way through until the last track "Escola de Arte Moderna", erupts with a free form jazz jolt. Then quiets to finish with symmetry to the start. It is good to hear such well focused music and if you want to continue with Oruć.... Check out their digital release arriving just a few days after Tudo Posso.... This is a full length on IFB Records titled Roma. Tudo Posso is an excellent EP. Unveiling a world of music currently happening in Brazil is a complimentary task to the music within. The Rok Lok Records write up on bandcamp explains the relationships very well. This EP is in a limited edition of five hundred and is housed in beautiful hand screened covers. You can purchase a copy from Rok Lok, but this is a co-release between three labels. The other two are IFB Records and Transfusćo Noise Records. Copies are available at these labels as well.