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Reviews for [RL126]
Kind Of Like Paris "Not What You Want It To Be EP"

  • Collective Zine
    Great to see Rok Lok is still kicking in 2020 and Mike is still finding and releasing great records by super obscure bands. This is Rok Lok #126 in fact. Incredible work. Looks like several other labels were involved here too, team effort. Kind of Like Paris is not a cross over of Kind of Like Spitting and Paris, Texas but a delicious throwback to the late 90s days of woozy lofi indie rock. It's like I handed them a bunch of boxes and when I got them back they had ticked them all. There is something about imperfectly recorded music in this style that triggers a particular response in me. Everything is warm and fuzzy, there are no sharp edges here, it sounds like a well worn cassette tape which is super appropriate as this may have actually come out in 1998 on Up Records and been sitting in a dusty glove compartment in your car ever since. Pitched somewhere between Duster and Lync, it gently rolls through about about 10 minutes of the exact sort of music I want in my life. Do an album.