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Rok Lok Records
317 Larkfield Road Apt C
East Northport, NY 11731 USA







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Where can I find your releases?

Stores/Distros you can wholesale from us direct or go through one of our fine distributors. Stores if you need promo materials please be sure to drop us a line.

  • Get It On Vinyl
    90 West Madison Ave
    Suite E #220
    Belgrade, MT 59714
  • tj@getitonvinyl.com

Also if your local record store doesn’t stock our stuff asking them to do so will definitely make us love you even more. In addition you can find our records at these outlets as well as the fast majority of labels/distros on our links page.

Will you trade with my label?

Most certainly. Please send over your trade lists and we will be happy to carry your releases in our distro.

I am with a magazine/webzine/radio station can I be added to your promo list?

As long as you send a copy of your publication or play list we will be happy to ensure that you receive promos of all of our latest releases.

Does Rok Lok accept demos?

This is something I have been meaning to address for a long time now, Rok Lok does not "sign" bands. This has always been a one man operation- a hobby in which where I document bands, friends and artists that inspire me personally. Now that is not to say I couldn't be surprised by a random demo showing up, in fact I would love nothing more than to hear about some new music and maybe consider doing a release. However, with that being said be familiar with the label's discography before sending me a demo. No I am not interested in your emo, pop punk or melodic hardcore band. However if you make music in your bedroom on 4 track or whatever, play in a band that uses noisy fuzzy guitar sounds or play in a band has songs whose emphasis is on dynamics and still having a sense of melody than I would most likely be intrested in listening. I have diverse tastes in music but my main interests and what I like to document on this label are the following genres: post punk, indie rock, indie pop, lo fi, shoegaze, ambient, and folk. If you play something along those lines and would like me to listen and consider a release please send a demo to the address above or email me a Bandcamp/Muxtape/Myspace/Soundcloud/etc.


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