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Summertime is just about here and we have a new batch of releases. In the works are new releases from WORLD'S FAIR, STARS ARE INSANE and more.

First up for the new releases is a limited edition lathe cut 5 inch by GRAHAM REPULSKI. The ever prolific GRAHAM REPULSKI contains to mine the and come up with gold in the lofi bedroom pop/GBV vein with "The Photographer is Upset". Limited to an edition of 20 and packaged in a arigato pak with a insert. Each lathe cut has unique hand painted labels and is packaged into a collage styled arigato pak-No two lathe cut is the same. These lathe cuts were cut mono in real time by the always awesome Tyler Bisson at Audio Geography.

Next up is a cassette called "Trails" by ANEVAYBLUE, which is a shoegaze/ambient bedroom pop project by Kevin McVey of Shojo Winter and Crisis Arm. Each cassette is packaged in a full color glossy j-card and has full color printed labels, all in an edition of 40.

Rounding out this latest batch came as a pleasant surprise since we last heard from LOVE LETTER with the release of the "Collecting Loss" lathe cut 10 inch but LOVE LETTER is back with a brand new four song ep cassette called "A Very Young Mountain". Continuing upon but evolving the ambient, post rock sounds explored on previous releases. Limited to an edition of 40 black clamshell cassettes with full color printed labels and full color j-cards.


Another year is here, and Rok Lok is still kicking with some new releases. This time there are three new offerings. In 2017 there will be new releases from GRAHAM REPULSKI, STARS ARE INSANE and WORLD'S FAIR plus more.

First up is a super limited lathe cut release from STARS ARE INSANE called "Desert Blue", which is single song lathe cut postcard. Limited to an edition of ten and featuring full color artwork on one side with the reverse side featuring a postage stamp and reading like a real postcard! It is housed in a stamped and numbered envelope. "Desert Blue" was cut in real time stereo by Greg at Bee Vinyl. We apologize for the high cost of these lathe cut postcards but they cost a considerable amount and we have priced these where we are actually losing nearly $3 per record haha once again proving that Rok Lok has never been about business!

Next up is another release by STARS ARE INSANE, this being the ninth full length album called "To Be Here" cassette. This cassette release from STARS ARE INSANE features ten tracks of reverb soaked, hazy bedroom ambient/shoegaze. Limited to an edition of 40 cassettes with full color j-cards and full color printed labels.

Lastly but certainly not least is collaboration cassette release from KATRINA STONEHART AND THE SPOOKFISH. Limited to an edition of 40 white clamshell cassettes with full color cardstock j-cards and full color,hand painted labels. Two lengthy sides of droning, ambient sound exercises.

In other news YES SENSEI will be reuniting for a show as part of a Planet of Sound Promotions event on Saturday May 13th at O'Briens in Coram, NY with BLUEBLACK, Sad Magic, and People's Temple Project.

Distro Update:
Blueblack "Destroy" cd
Blue Jeans "Songs Are Easy" cd
Knife Pleats "Hat Bark Beach" cd
Moon Types "Know the Reason" 7 inch
Nearr "History Repeats Itself" cd


Trick or treat!!! Rok Lok has two brand new releases for you to dig into but also recently copies of some long out of print Rok Lok titles came back into to stock. Only a handful at most (and some less) of each of these titles are available for a limited time on a first come first serve basis. Available are the following titles:
BRRR "s/t" 7 inch
DAMEZUMARI "Hope Inscribed On Handbills" 7 inch
EMPTY SILOS ECHO WAR "Inner Working Mechanics of a Failed Construct With Puritan Cement" CD
END I "s/t" 7 inch
UNITED STATES "Divorce Songs" 12 inch

New release time...the first up is a seven track scorcher from Long Island post rock/noise rock band BLUEBLACK with their cassette "Destroy". For fans of Mono, Swans, Neurosis, Russian Circles and Reighnbeau. "Destroy" is lmited to an edition of 50 C-47 black clamshell cassettes with glossy, double sided j-cards and printed labels. Listen here:

Next up is some of the most authentic 90s sounding shoegaze that I have heard since, well, the 90s. Tremolo bar heavy fuzzy guitar sounds 'ala Swirlies and "Isn't Anything" era My Bloody Valentine from Austin, TX based SODA LILIES with their cassette "Love Cemetery Tapes" which is limited to an edition of 50 C-47 black clam shell cassettes with full color card stock j-cards and hand painted/stamped labels. Listen here:


Summer is here! Are you as excited as I am? New releases and updates have been more sporadic than they have been in the last couple of years for a variety of reasons but despite that there are plenty of new releases in the works such as a new lathe cut release from STARS ARE INSANE and a new 12 inch from WORLD'S FAIR later in the year as they are set to start recording their sophomore album. And here is a brand spanking new release for this update to dive right into. Thanks for listening!

This update brings a brand new release all the from Russia, with ATARIAME "Weirdo Goes to the Disco" cassette. For fans of shoegaze/chillwave/electro tinge pop like I Break Horses, Sea Oleena and Stereolab will dig these jams. Weirdo Goes to the Disco" is limited to an edition of 40 white clamshell C-45 cassettes with full color labels and glossy full color double sided j-cards. Listen here.

Distro Update:
Animal Daydream "Citrus" 7 inch
Lunchbox "Smash Hits" 7 inch
Mutant Scum "Field Recordings" cassette
Tapes & Tubes "Ebb Tide" cassette
Tapes & Tubes "Man in the Window" cassette
Tapes & Tubes "27" cassette
Tapes & Tubes "Moons/Stars" lathe cut 5 inch


Thanks for stopping by! This time around we have three brand new releases for you to check out, so let's get to it!

It took quite awhile to wrap this project up but now that it is finally finished we are thrilled to announce the official release of SHIVERING WINDOW "Days I've Lost b/w Clean Hell" 7 inch. Our friends at Juniper Tree Songs helped co-release this record with us. Limited an edition of 200 all on black vinyl and housed in a b & w fold over cover. SHIVERING WINDOW hails from Long Beach and has been rather prolific releasing a a litany of cassettes exploring lofi, gloomy bedroom pop sounds and this vinyl debit is no different.

The next release is is from an act that is no stranger to the Rok Lok discography, THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN. On this cassette release "Peculiar Smiles: 2010-2015" it compiles songs from now out of print EPS ("Hidden East Coast EP" lathe cut 7 inch/cdep and "Singles Club #2" cassette) as well as several compilation tracks, unreleased and digital only tracks. This cassette is limited to an edition of 50 C-60 white clam shell cassettes with full color j-cards, and labels.

Rounding out this update is a cassette from Ukraine based dream pop/shoegaze project NEARR. "Introduction To..." is a collection of sixteen songs that in fact does introduce everyone to NEARR and is limited to an edition of 30 C-60 white clam shell cassettes with full color j-cards, and full color labels. NEARR is for fans of The Cure, Cocteau Twins and Talk Talk.

Distro Update:
Stars Are Insane "9 Untitled Songs" cassette


2015 will be history rather shortly so it seems as good as a time as any to make the last update of the year with some new release info. 2015 was a little bit slower for Rok Lok but still productive with 10 releases, with these last two of the year.

The first release of this update is sadly the final release from indie pop band SNOW WHAT. Rok Lok has been fortunate enough to release a few releases for SNOW WHAT and we are thrilled to be a part of this final and best release. SNOW WHAT "It's Over" cassette is limited to an edition of 50 with full color j-cards and full color, printed labels. For fans of Guided By Voices, Sebadoh and Chisel. Thanks for the tunes and the memories SNOW WHAT.

The second release this time around is also the third release this year on Rok Lok for KKIDSS. For this third release KKIDSS is bringing "Anemia" cassette, 18 songs of top notch lofi bedroom pop/folk for fans of Smog, Two Dollar Guitar and Sonic Youth. A white clamshell C-60 packed in a full color j-card with full color printed labels.

Upcoming releases for early 2016 include SHIVERING WINDOW "Days I've Lost b/w Clean Hell" 7 inch which is nearly complete, as the pressing plant is telling us that it will be sometime in early February that we receive the final records. And grouped with that release will be THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN "Peculiar Smiles:2010-2015" cassette which compiles out of print EPS, comp tracks and previously digital only tracks.Later in 2016 there will be a new 12 inch from WORLD'S FAIR and new stuff from STARS ARE INSANE as well.

Distro Update:
:3 "Mindless Eating" cassette
Bearchild "Freedom Songs" 10 inch (restock)
Bingo Trappers "Sister Planet" 12 inch
Charlie Mcalister/Furinture Huschle "Umpo Scuzzi/Convicinio" 12 inch
Flesh Eating Creeps "The Book About the Movie: Complete Recordings 1995-2000" cassette
Halo Perfecto "Hospitals In Other Countries" 12 inch
Olde Ghost "Use Yer Illusion 3 N 4" 12 inch (restock)
Philippe Guislanin "Werkelijk Waar" cassette
Stars Are Insane "When Last We Met" cassette (restock)
Turn Around Norman/The Minus Tide "split" 12 inch


As the summer comes to a close here are two brand new releases for you to enjoy!

The first new release is a cassette for all of you fans of lo fi from Philadelphia's GRAHAM REPULSKI. "Success Racist" is a 17 track album that recalls the lo-fi indie rock/pop sounds of Guided By Voices and Moviola. Limited to an edition of 40 home dubbed (in real time) white clamshell cassettes with full color labels and numbered full color, double sided glossy j-cards.

Up next is a ep of west coast shoegaze from SHOJO WINTER, who features members of Crisis Arm. SHOJO WINTER's "Eternal Snow" cassette is limited to an edition of 40 home dubbed (in real time) cassettes with printed labels and glossy, numbered j-cards.

Distro Update:
Black Everest/Captain Your Ship is Sinking "split" 12 inch
Le Almeida "Paraleloplasmos" 12 inch
Old Soul "Natures Arms Encircle All" 12 inch
Republic of Dreams/Autarkeia "split" 7 inch
Shoppers/Panzram "split" 7 inch
Tape Rec "Death Friends" 12 inch (restock)


Is it just me or is the summer is going by way too fast? Let's slow down and enjoy eh? Perhaps enjoy with a couple of new Rok Lok releases (or old for that matter)? There are two new releases so let's dig in!

The first release is the limited edition STARS ARE INSANE "Winter Postcard" lathe cut 5 inch. Cut by our friends at Audiogeography, "Winter Postcard" is a inspired document of my travels o the west coast. It is limited to an edition of 20 lathe cuts packaged in custom arigato pack, a insert and stamped labels. Listen here:

Up next is the second cassette from KKIDSS Called "Candy". Limited to an an edition of 40 "Candy" is chock full of bedroom folk/lo fi tunes. Still available is the first KKIDSS cassette "Hot Trash".

Distro Update:
Baton Rouge "Totem" cd
American Culture "Pure American Gum" 12 inch
Animal Daydream "Easy Pleasures" 7 inch
Birth of Flower "All Our Masters in Suspicion" 7 inch (restock)
Dead Uncles "Stock Characters" 12 inch
Fellow Project "If We Were Mariachis" cassette
Heats of Formation "Indoctrinates Blank" 7 inch (restock)
Ictus. "Complete Discography" double cd
John Thill "Water Wars" cassette
M A T H "Sponge" cassette
Ocean Party, The "Soft Focus" 12 inch
Sekien "2015" cd-r
Shivering Window "Dare to Be Nothing" cassette
Spit Take "Garbage in My Heart" 12 inch (restock)
Spit Take "Queens Pawn Game" 7 inch
Tarsius Tarsier "Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos" cd
Zebras, The "Siesta" 12 inch


Rok Lok Records made it to 100 releases! Before I get into the details of new releases I'd like to reflect for a bit. And while every single release that Rok Lok has done is special to me, it feels like a milestone that this little label of mine has been able to exist all these years, many times against every imaginable odd. Whenever there has been a down moment where I thought perhaps I should toss in the towel, right around the corner there is a band, artist or label that inspires me to continue. Or there is a relationship I form with individuals who order music from me and that communication is what stokes that creative fire that burns inside me. So I want to extend the sincerest of gratitude to the folks who have supported Rok Lok and our associated bands, and artists over the years, it means everything. Here is to another 100 releases!!

As I said there are two new releases the first is LOVE LETTER "Collecting Loss" lathe cut 10 inch. LOVE LETTER picks up where the two cassettes "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" and "Gentle Memories" both released in Rok Lok last year, left off but takes the project into newer sonic territory. Layered, ambient post rock/shoegaze but with more pop and folk tinges. Each lathe cut 10 inch is cut in real time by Graham at 2208 Records and is on clear polycarbonate with printed black & white labels. Each lathe cut record is packaged in a numbered chipboard jacket with full color artwork and includes a insert, download card, a love letter, a handmade decoder postcard and a bracelet made by Andrew and Kerry of Love Letter. "Collecting Loss" is in a limited edition of 15.

The next release is, RESTAURNAUT "Birth" cassette. Lofi, bedroom folk pop from Chino, CA. "Birth" is comprised of ten infectious, folky bedroom pop tunes which is all packed into C-30 white clamshell (home dubbed in real time)cassettes with full color labels, full color numbered j-cards, a lyric insert and a sticker Limited to an edition of 40.

And rounding out the latest batch is KKIDSS "Hot Trash" cassette. Hanuting lo-fi bedroom folk in a edition of 40 white clamshell C-60 cassetes with full color labels, and full color numbered cardstock J-Cards.

Distro Update:
Blueblack "Blueblack" cd
Blue Period, The "And Suddenly The Days Draw Long Like Light Years" 12 inch
Cancers "Fatten the Leeches" 12 inch
Danny Lango "When You Are Not Resting" cassette
Earworms "s/t" 12 inch
Failures Union "Tethering" 12 inch
Fellow Project "Basic Axemanship" 10 inch
Human Hands "s/t" 12 inch
Iron Chic "Split N Shit" 7 inch (restock)
Iron Chic/Lowe Culture "split" 7 inch
John Thill "Gospel of the Carwash" cassette
Manett "Stigma Style" cassette
Murmurs "Bound" 12 inch
Nicole Kidman "Project Sadness" casstte
Plaids/Xaxaxa "split" 10 inch
Shivering Window "Dreaming of Su Tissue" cassette
Somerset Thrower "Falling Swingers" 7 inch
Sonic Avenues "s/t" 12 inch
v/a "My Heart in Your Hand" 10 inch


Another year in the books and Rok Lok keeps trucking along with new releases. This update we have WORLD'S FAIR "Leisurely" 12 inch. Featuring ex members of Dude Japan, Yes Sensei and CMR, this 12 inch is limited to an edition of 100 all on blue with white splatter vinyl. Each record is house in a silk screened chipboard jacket and comes with a heavy, double sided full color insert, a one inch button, a sticker, and a download code. Noisy guitar indie rock/shoegaze for fans of Archers of Loaf, Polvo, Sonic Youth and Swirlies. This record is a co-release with our friends at Mystery Trails Record Co.


Happy Holidays! While there are still a couple of releases that are in production that will be arriving after the holidays, we have one more release to unveil before the New Year. Out now and ready for order is RAYNING "Refraction" cassette. Originally released in 2013 as a digital only format, RAYNING's "Refraction" is a seven song album that revels in a wall of sound shoegaze/post rock motif. Limited to an edition of 40 home dubbed (in real time) black clam-shell cassettes with full color, numbered j-cards, and full color labels.


Even though the weight even the current semester is rather heavy I wanted to give a quick update about some releases that will be dropping very soon as well as a sale that we will be running from now until December 1st. If you buy any two releases or distro titles you will get the third one for free (of equal or lesser value). When checking out just add the free title to the comments, do NOT add it to the cart.

The test presses have just arrived for WORLD'S FAIR "Leisurely" 12 inch and they sound fantastic! Approvals have been sent in and the finished records should be here shortly. This record is limited to an edition of 100 pieces of blue with white splatter vinyl. It is packaged inside a double silk screened chipboard jacket and includes a full color insert and download card. Co-released with our friends at Mystery Trails Record Co.

Going into production very shortly is LOVE LETTER "Collecting Loss" lathe cut 10 inch. Limited to an edition of 15. Each lathe cut 10 inch is cut in real time by Graham at 2208 Records and is on clear poly-carbonate with printed black & white labels. Each lathe cut record is packaged in a numbered chipboard jacket with full color artwork and includes a insert, download card and a bracelet made by Andrew and Kerry of LOVE LETTER.

Distro Update:
Bearchild "Wishing Well" 12 inch
Giant Peach "Gem Street Demos" cassette
Giant Peach "People Don't Believe Me/Callous & Strange" cassette
Mike Naideau "Four Track Demos" cassette
Tape Rec "Death Friends" 12 inch


Summer is just about to end but before it does we have three brand new releases. The first of which is a double cassette release from MORMON TOASTERHEAD. "Memory" & "Monument" are two companion albums that are double cassette release packaged in a double wide norelco box features full color j-cards for each album and comes with full color printed labels. Limited to an edition of 35.

Up next is a 7 song mini ep from Dayton, OH's JAN. "Let It Ride" is a 7 song mini album that is limited to an edition of 40 home dubbed cassettes (in real time) with full color, numbered cardstock j-cards and stamped labels.

Lastly but certainly not least is a wonderful two song C-30 from CESTINE."Other Half/Bright Encounter" is limited to an edition of 40 cassettes (home dubbed in real time) packaged in full color, numbered j-cards and stamped/painted labels.

Distro Update:
Spit-Take "Garbage In My Heart" 12 inch
Stars Are Insane "When Last We Met" cassette


This time around there are five brand new releases and the first of which is the long delayed SNOW WHAT "So Far So Good" 12 inch. I have to tip my hat to Josh over at Party Nogg!, who not only helped co-release the record with us but also was at the helm of dealing with the pressing plant and all of the issues we had along the way. Now we can just delve into the awesome slab of indie rock that SNOW WHAT's "So Far So Good". Limited to 400 copies with screened covers and stamped labels and 15 tracks "So Far So Good" is an instant indie classic.

If you like indie rock then LITTLE WHIRLS "Sedateness At the Movies" is going to be your jam! Taking nods from Guided By Voices and The Clean, Germany's LITTLE WHIRLS is indie rock gold. "Sedateness At the Movies" is limited to an edition of 50 yellow tint cassettes with hand stamped labels and full color bumbered j-cards.

With the second release on Rok Lok this year Lemoyne, PA's LOVE LETTER is back with a brand new full length cassette called "Gentle Memories". Featuring two lengthy , monolithic slabs of ambient/post rock guitar sound "Gentle Memories" picks up where "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" left off. Limited to an edition of 50 black cassettes with beautiful hand painted and stamped labels, full color numbered j-cards.

Rounding out the batch of new releases this time are two reissues/reformats from STARS ARE INSANE. The first being a cassette version of the STARS ARE INSANE/MORGUE TOAD "split" which was previously released as a limited edition lathe cut 7 inch. This limited cassette version includes a bonus STARS ARE INSANE track that was previously only available digitally with the lathe and black cassettes with painted labels and full color numbered j-cards. The second STARS ARE INSANE release available this month is a limited reissue of the second STARS ARE INSANE cassette "Anonymously Yours" which was originally released in 2000. This edition is limited to 20 copies with new labels and j-cards.

EUREKA CALIFORNIA and GOOD GRIEF are teaming up again for a tour-this time on the east coast in the United States. Check out the events page for dates. Copies of their split 7 inch is still available

Distro Update:
Diners "Always Room" cassette
Imaginary Pants "Kites At Night" cassette
Lunchbox "Lunchbox Loves You" 12 inch
Order Anura "Order Anura" cassette
Your Heart Breaks "New Ocean Waves & Sailor System" cassette


Summer is almost here and there is a lot going here at Rok Lok. The test presses for SNOW WHAT "So Far So Good" 12 inch were sadly rejected and we are awaiting new cuts of the test presses which will hopefully arrive soon. In the coming months there will be several new releases in addition the the SNOW WHAT 12 inch such as WORLD'S FAIR "Leisurely" 12 inch, and cassettes from LITTLE WHIRLS, LOVE LETTER, NICOLE KIDMAN, and more.

This month there is a new release from United Kingdom based indie rock band HIDERS with their 7 song cassette "Bloom". HIDERS plays hypnotic, driving indie rock churners that reminds of a cross between the clanging, dissonant guitars of Sonic Youth, Polvo mixed with the pop song sensibilities of "Frosting on the Beater" era Posies. "Bloom" is limited to an edition of 50 home dubbed cassettes (in real time) with full color, numbered j-cards and hand stamped labels.

Swedish filmmaker Mikko Henrik Huotari has used the music of LOVE LETTER in this beautiful short. The song used is "Everywhere We Went". Check it out below. I am ecstatic about the music LOVE LETTER makes. March saw the release of the EP "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" on cassette-of which copies are still available. In a few months Rok Lok will be releasing another cassette from LOVE LETTER called "Gentle Memories" so stay tuned.


This month there are three new releases to talk about but first let me just say that the SNOW WHAT "So Far So Good" 12 inch test pressing have arrived and are pending approval from the band. Now on to the new releases...

First, up is the bedroom pop/shoegaze brilliance of ORANGE AURORA with the six song ep cassette "Dracula's Coil". Channeling the sounds of Vehicle Blues, Secret Shine and Drop Nineteens, "Dracula's Coil" is limited to an edition 50 cassettes with full color, numbered card stock j-cards and handstamped labels.

The second release is a beautiful portrait of sprawling ambient/shoegaze/post rock guitar drones from LOVE LETTER with a four song ep called "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" cassette. LOVE LETTER reminds me of a cross between Paper Armies, Azusa Plane and Mono, creating massive yet gut wrenching walls of guitar sound. "It Brought Us Something We Had to Know" is limited to an edition of 50 with full color numbered j-card on glossy cardstock and stamped labels on cool clear yellow clam shells.

And rounding out the batch of releases this month is the eight full length album from STARS ARE INSANE, "Pop Industry", which at first may sound like a great departure in light of recent Stars Are Insane releases that are more somber, ambient and shoegaze in nature. "Pop Industry" is 20 tracks of lo fi bedroom pop/shoegaze/folk and field recordings that pays homage to lo fi indie rock pioneers Sebadoh, Eric's Trip, Further, Guided By Voices, etc. It is limited to an edition of 50 with full color j-cards and hand stamped labels.

Distro Update:
Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk "Think Tone" 12 inch


Our first update of 2014 brings a new release, THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE "Winter Clothes" cassette. An edition of 50 home dubbed C-60s with hand stamped labels and full color, numbered j-cards. THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE has previously had releases on the wonderful Lilly Tapes and Discs as well as a plethora of self released digital only eps/albums on Bandcamp, and we are thrilled to share "Winter Clothes" with all of you. A mixture of ambient/folk/soundscapes/drone and disjointed bedroom guitar rock. For fans of Sparkling Wide Pressure. Take a listen here:

Raised By Gypsies recently did an interview with STARS ARE INSANE, be sure to read it here. The finishing touches to the eight STARS ARE INSANE album "Pop Industry" which has been in the works for awhile now. "Pop Industry" will be released on cassette very soon in addition to a few other things from STARS ARE INSANE.

Distro Arrivals:
Arctic Flow, The "All the Way Until December" cassette
Bennetts, The "Dreamkeeper" cassette
Chit Chat "Untitled" 7 inch
Exploration, The "For Cabana" 7 inch
Gas Up Yr Hearse/Coma Regalia "split" 7 inch (square)
i AM esper "Lux Lucis" cassette
Kent State "The Wrong Side of History" 12 inch
M A T H "Odes" cassette
Musical Chairs "Retraced" cd
Radiant Marks "Ominous Feeling" 7 inch
Tom Hall "Thought Loops" cassette
Yusuke/Delos "split" 7 inch


This month we have another two new releases for you to dig into! The first is the STARS ARE INSANE/MORGUE TOAD "split" lathe cut 7 inch, which is limited to an edition of 20. This thick lathe cuts feature printed labels and is packaged in a full color, numbered card stock fold over cover, full color insert and a download card. These lathe cut 7 inches were cut in real time by Graham over at 2208 Records. There are two songs from STARS ARE INSANE plus a bonus third track that is only available digitally and there are two tracks from MORGUE TOAD.

The second release that is available this month is a five song ep cassette from Los Angeles based WHITE BLUSH. Limited to an edition of 100 pro dubbed white clam shell cassettes packaged in white/clear norelco cases with full color card stock covers. WHITE BLUSH plays a blend of shoegaze tinged synth/electrop pop and chillwave for fans of M83, I Break Horses, The Cure, etc.


This time around there are three brand new releases out and ready for mail order. Let's dig in shall we?


Speaking of long time coming...ABANDONED HOUSES "Untitled Spirals" cassette is finally available for order. Five tracks of melodic, moody indie rock/bedroom folk that is in an edition of 50 home dubbed cassettes with beautiful hand stamped labels and a slip case packaging and insert made with tender loving, homemade care.

And rounding out this batch of new releases is a split cassette from STARS ARE INSANE and MONOGAMY. Much like the Singles Club entry, STARS ARE INSANE offers two pieces of ambient guitar work mixed with synth drones while MONOGAMY delivers some its best material with three songs that switch from raucous noisy, post punk to loose bedroom folk to full out no wave, noise blitz. This edition of 50 home dubbed cassettes include full color, numbered j-cards and hand stamped/painted labels.

Distro Update:
Imaginary Pants "s/t" cassette
Katie and the Lichen "Yours Truly" cassette
Le Almeida "Pre Ambulatorio" cassette
Ok Vancouver Ok "Food Shelter Water" cassette


It has been a few months since a new release but out now is the full length cassette from MORMON TOASTERHEAD called "Summer". Ten songs of fragile, bedroom pop/folk that is a cross between Dump and Daniel Johnston. Limited to an edition of 40 home dubbed cassettes with numbered full color j-cards and stamped labels.

In production right now are the following: v/a "I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2" cassette, Abandoned Houses "Untitled Spirals" cassette, White Blush "White Blush" cassette, Stars Are Insane/Morgue Toad "split" lathe cut 7 inch, and Stars Are Insane/Monogamy "split" cassette. Later on there will be World's Fair "Leisurely" cd, Stars Are Insane "Pop Industry" cassette, and a cassette from The National Park Service, all of which should close out 2013 with a bang!

Distro Update:
Bugskull "Hidden Mountain" 12 inch
de Portables "It's Time to Leave This World Behind" 12 inch
Douglas Kramer Nye "No Good Samaritan" 12 inch
Football, Etc./Plaids "split" 7 inch
Human Hands/Wit's End "split" 7 inch
L Eugene Methe "Weak Wines" 7 inch (restock)
La Boite Diabolique "A Lovely Box of Chocolate" 7 inch
Matt Seigne "The Mystic Feathers" cassette
No Action/Roger King "split" 7 inch
Only Ghost In Town, The "All the Stars Are For You" cassette
Ramon Speed With the Wooden Horses "s/t" cassette (restock)
Whitman "Sinking" 7 inch (restock)


It would be negligent if I didn't utilize this space offer a eulogy for one of the brilliant and passionate creative minds who inspired me to start this label back in 1998. With a heavy heart I have to bid farewell to my friend Jason Rosenthal. Those who were fortunate enough to see On the Might of Princes perform instantly understand what a tragedy this is and the hurt that those that cared about Jason are experiencing right now. The music he created with the rest of On the Might of Princes- was honest and passionate as music can get. There was no pretense, no genre, no bullshit with On the Might of Princes. When you saw them play-you saw four guys (and at first three guys and one gal) put it all out on the table and just poured their hearts out. What happened when the audience interacted with the bands outpouring was something special and something that I haven't experienced since and most likely never will again. Jason, thank you for years of friendship, inspiration and for being a part of something that has touched the lives of so many people in a truly profound way. I feel unbelievably fortunate to have experienced your band, your friendship and having the good fortune of playing a role in documenting a part of your life and sharing it with the world. The music that you have been a part of creating will resonate through the years but I wish you would be here alongside me and the rest of us like it was the Seaport Diner Parking lot seeing how all of those nights of doing nothing truly meant everything. I love you my friend and may you rest in peace.


After a lengthy delay on the manufacturing end for a reason that was completely unforeseen as well as unfortunate, the EUREKA CALIFORNIA/GOOD GRIEF "split" 7 inch is out now!!!


In support of their east coast tour and recent surprise appearance at Chickfactor 21 the IMAGINARY PANTS "Channels/Seacliff" 7 inch is out now. Check out the events page for tour dates.

Distro Update:
Brahms "Shimmer/Suffocate" cassette
Cousins "Bathhouse" cassette
Mariposa "Holy Ghosts" cassette
Nicole Kidman "Lost At the Mall" cassette
R Swayer "Attention" cassette
Widesky "Flotsam" cassette


This is a few days behind schedule due to being without internet for three days but out now is SWIM IGNORANT FIRE "Belly of the Whale" cassette. Limited to an edition of 65 all with full color j-cards,and full color label. For a limited time there will be full color posters available with purchase of the cassette. Dig it!


On June 1st a cassette "Belly of the Whale" from Chicago's SWIM IGNORANT FIRE will be released. Check out this cool promo video made for it:

Swim Ignorant Fire - Belly of the Whale from Allison Anderson on Vimeo.

Test presses have arrived for IMAGINARY PANTS "Channels/Seacliff" 7 inch and pending approval should be ready for their bands upcoming tour. Check out the events page for dates.

Word has been received that test presses for the long delayed EUREKA CALIFORNIA/GOOD GRIEF 7 inch have finally shipped from the pressing plant. So hopefully this record will be out in a couple of weeks.

Distro Update:
Celestial Being "New Type" cassette
Flowers in Gun Barrels "Discography" cassette
Grow "Leave" cassette
iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing "Heal" cassette
Leapfrog "Leapfrog" cassette


International customers PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE email me before ordering as the shipping module is still being worked on. It will be done shortly. Thank you for your patience and support.

Out now is the six song cassette "If It Is" from BARE PALE. This London based trio plays shoegaze in the vein of My Bloody Valentine, Swirlies, Teenage Fanclub and Sammy. This cassette limited to 100 pieces is pro duped/imprinted and comes packed in a full color card stock j-card. Listen here:

Distro Update:
Fish, The "s/t" 12 inch
Lavas Magmas "INT.eruption" cassette
Paper Armies "Tell Me To Give Up" cassette
Reighnbeau "Friends" cassette
School Knights "Lethargy" cassette
Torn Humorist "Everyone Works So Hard" cassette


International customers, still please email me before placing your order so I can get you a shipping quote. The new shipping calculator will be in place shortly, I appreciate your patience in the matter.

This month there are two brand new cassette releases. The first is the cassette version DUDE JAPAN "Will You Meet Me There?", which has an exclusive bonus track not available on the CD version. The cassette is limited to an edition of 34 hand stamped white clam shell cassettes with full color, numbered glossy j-card.

The next release is a 3 song ep from KIND OF LIKE PARIS who play short bursts of breezy, jangle/noise pop that is a cross between stuff like Lync, Light Sleepers and Juniper. The cassette is limited to an edition 40 black clam shell, hand stamped cassette with a black & white numbered card stock j-card.

The test presses for the EUREKA CALIFORNIA/GOOD GRIEF "split" 7 inch are expected to arrive any day now, and after that it should only be a few more weeks before this awesome record is finally available for mail order.

Up next will be a 2 song 7 inch for Vancouver based IMAGINARY PANTS who feature Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap, The Softies, Go Sailor) and Jon Manning (Sandy City, Blanket Truth, Lost Sound Tapes) playing infectious bedroom indie pop. This record will be down as a classic large hole 45 single. I am super excited for this project!!

Distro Arrivals
Birds of California "One and Only" cd
Book Slave "Sentinel of Shit" 7 inch
Brick Mower/Black Wine "split" 7 inch
Bulldozer Crash "Today Will Be Yesterday So Soon: 1991-1993" cd
Daniel Fromberg "Battery Acid Volume 1" cassette
Earth Earth, The "Matador is Dead" cd (restock)
Heats of Formation "Indoctrinates Blank EP" 7 inch
Inferior Design "Ego EP" cassette
Mormon Toasterhead "Consistently Inconsistent" cassette
Plastic Bubble "Treble Treasure Chest" cassette
Sheep Numbers "Live at Hostel Earphoria" cassette
Spooky Moon/Blake Mandrayk "split" cassette


A couple of weeks ago I learned some extremely sad news that Tom Dillander, owner/operator of Palomino Records in Kentucky passed away last week as the result of a boiler room accident in manufacturing. Palomino pressed our last 3 vinyl releases (Brick Mower, Giant Peach and Make It Plain 7 inches) and Tom not only did great work but in my nearly 15 years of doing this label I have never worked with someone as kind, courteous and honest as him. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

ATTN: INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS. Recently USPS shipping prices have increased dramatically so PLEASE until further notice do NOT use the checkout as the shipping has not been adjusted yet. If you are interested in ordering please email us at roklok@hotmail.com with a list of what you want and we will get you a shipping quote. Thank you for your support.

Okay...new release time. This time around we have two brand new releases. The first is a split release with the wonderful Lilly Tapes & Discs, to release SQUANTO's "A Gift and A Favor" cassette. I am extremely happy with how these cassettes came out. Beautiful ambient, bedroom folk packed in a numbered full color j-card on white clam shell C-30s with custom stamped and hand painted labels. This cassette is limited to a edition of 65.

The next release is a super limited edition lathe cut flexi from STARS ARE INSANE. "Forget February" lathe cut flexi features one song and a bonus cd-r ep that has three additional songs that are exclusive to this release which is limited to an edition of 10! Each red lathe cut flexi is packaged in a numbered full color sleeve and includes a hand stamped cd-r in a separate numbered full color sleeve. Listen to "Forget February" now here:

Due to the situation previously discussed at Palomino Records, the EUREKA CALIFORNIA/GOOD GRIEF "split" 7 inch has been delayed but as we all learn there are more important things in life than records. It shall be out in the near future, in the meantime if you live in the United Kingdom check out the events page for dates for the EUREKA CALIFORNIA/GOOD GRIEF tour. And why don't you check out how awesome this record is for yourself? Indie rock this good is worth the wait!

Stayed for upcoming releases from IMAGINARY PANTS, BARE PALE, DUDE JAPAN, ABANDONED HOUSES, STARS ARE INSANE, WORLD'S FAIR a, SWIM IGNORANT FIRE and of course "I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2" cassette!

Distro Arrivals:
Adobe Holmes "Pinata" 9 inch
Ashley Eriksson "Colours" cassette
Blanket Truth "Indoor Camping + Demos" cassette
Blaket Truth "Urban Wildlife" cassette
Blanket Truth "Up Til Now" cassette
Desert of Hiatus "Compendium" cassette
Dressed Like Wolves "Heaven is Just Memories of a Place I Used to Know" cassette
Eye Seas "Fruit Fucking Salad" cassette
Frames Per Second/The Truth About Dreaming "split" cassette
Frames Per Second "The Book of Peace" cassette
Frames Per Second "Sanctioned Dream" cassette
Goosewind "Il Sesso La Morte E Lo Spazio Esternio" cassette
Hunting For Porcupines "Ruins" cd-r
Kohn "Reflexionen" cassette
L. Eugene Methe "Weak Wines" 7 inch
Mandarin Dynasty "Perpendicular Crosstalk" cassette
Merry Christmas "Her Exceptional Kindness" 12 inch
Morgue Toad "Buzzing Vibrations" cassette
Nod and the Hob Goblins "Nod and The Hob Goblins" cassette
Outside the Museum "Hibernation Songs EP" cassette
Ramon Speed w/ Wooden Horses "s/t" cassette
Sparkling Wide Pressure "Slowed Down Footage of Farming" cassette
Whitman "Sinking" 7 inch


This time around we have two brand new releases, both of which are from DUDE JAPAN to coincide with their reunion show on January 26th. The first of the two releases is their final, posthumous cdep "Will You Meet Me There?" which features 7 tracks of buzzing guitar indie rock for fans of Superchunk, Velocity Girl and Built to Spill. The CD version features an exclusive track that does not appear on the forthcoming cassette version, which will feature its own exclusive track.

The second release in this month is a repackaged reissue of DUDE JAPAN's"Simple Living" cd. Originally released in 2010 as limited edition cd-r in a polybag, "Simple Living" has been repackaged in a jewel case with full color artwork and 3 bonus tracks which includes their tracks from the split 7 inch with WEED HOUNDS and their cover of Velocity Girl's "Sorry Again" which was previously only available on "Dead Broke Tape Comp 4" cassette on Dead Broke Rekerds.

2013 is already proving to be very, very busy. Here is what you can expect in the coming months:

SQUANTO "A Gift and A Favor" cassette (co-release w/ Lily Tapes & Discs
EUREKA CALIFORNIA/GOOD GRIEF "split" 7 inch (co-release with Happy Happy Birthday to Me and sncl)
BARE PALE "If It Is" cassette
STARS ARE INSANE "Pop Industry" cassette
v/a "I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2" cassette

Distro Update:
Azusa Plane/Ahimsa Observatory "split" 7 inch
Charlie McAlister "Wheel of Fortune" 7 inch (restock)
Katrina Stonehart "Katrina Stonehart" cassette
Moonsocket "It's the End of the Trip" 7 inch (restock)
Someplace to Hide/Damezumari/Steeples "3 way split" cd (restock)
v/a "Marlindo" cassette
v/a "Our Noise" cassette


In support of the recent Singles Club cassette release VEHICLE BLUES has made videos for the songs "Lotto Pop Ice" and "My New Angle". The cassette is still available and you can check the videos out here.

We are excited that both Singles Club cassettes from THE ONLY GHOST IN TOWN and HANNA ELSON made Depression Chamber's Top 10 of 2012. Thanks Manny! And for those interested limited copies of both release are still available.

A quick reminder that the submission deadline for I KNOW WHY THEY CALL IT POP VOLUME 2 cassette compilation is approaching fast. Email or snail mail your submission by February 1st 2013.

Distro Update
Abolitionist "At the Level of the Ear" 7 inch
Abolitionist/Fools Rush "split" 7 inch
Abolitionist "It Used to Rain" 12 inch w/ cd
Fuck Detector/Pretty Bullshit "split" cassette
Highwater Marks "Pretending to Be Loud" cd
Julie Byrne "Faster or Greener Than Now" 7 inch
Kevin Greenspon "Maroon Bells" cd-r
Pap Smear Teens "Untitled" cassette
Pretty Bullshit/Warm Needles "split" 7 inch
Shivering Window "VttV" cassette
Ultra Dome "Home Videos" cassette
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